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About Me

I was born and brought up in Dursley, Gloucestershire in 1960.

I went to Dursley Church of England School and then Rednock Comprehensive school where I first came in contact with clay.

I have lived in Gloucester since 1986.

I have a full time job in Cheltenham as a Projects Engineer, as a consequence I often have to work away from home so I do not spend as much time as I would like in my Studio.

The Story Behind My Site

Many people have asked to see pictures of the work I produce, and are amazed at what I have managed to build up in my back garden. I do not live in the countryside with acres of land to my name, I live in a suburb of Gloucester.

Click here to get directions to my studio.

So it's sensible that anyone can now see my pottery on this wonder of modern science....... the internet.

Below is a picture of Dursley Market place. A bit of local history.....the name Dursley comes from the old English "Deer's-Lay" Apparently Deer used come down from the surrounding woodland to drink from the river that runs through the town (I stand to be corrected on this).

In Roman times Gloucester was a fortified port on the River Severn called Glevum. The Romans established an army camp in Gloucester to protect the river crossing to Wales. The importance of Gloucester was revived when an abbey was founded here in 681. When the monastery was closed by Henry VIII the abbey church became the cathedral of the diocese.

Gloucester became a significant port in the Middle Ages but its importance was undermined by the growth of nearby
Bristol. To revive Gloucester's fortunes, artificial docks and a canal connecting them with the mouth of the Severn were opened in 1827.

For more information on the history of where I live click here.

This is the Cloisters in Gloucester Cathedral where parts of the Harry Potter film was made.

Gloucester Cathedral